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Reel Baseball Experience
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Team Lessons

The Reel Baseball Experience also offers a team lesson option.  This will be a RBE staff lesson with all of the expertise available at the team owner's disgression.

This can encompass a full practice style setting.  It could even be broken down further with just pitchers and catchers only, position players only, or with your entire team.

Team lessons are $20.00 per player.

All aspects can be instructed in a full team setting.  Some of the options are as follows:

*Team Offense *Team Defense
*Pitching Staff *Catching work
*Pitchers Fielding Practice *Simulated Game Situations
*Team Pick Offs *Double Cuts

The possiblities are endless with The Reel Baseball Experience!

For information regarding team lessons contact Joe Natterman at (502) 494-2431!

**This camp is independently owned and operated. The camp rents Indiana University facilities to run the camp, but it is not a program of Indiana University and is not operated under the supervision of the Indiana University Southeast athletic department.**