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Reel Baseball Experience
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Speed and Agility Training

The Reel Baseball Experience offers Speed & Agility Training designed to improve speed, quickness and explosion.

Speed is the great equalizer in baseball whether it be on the basepaths or in the field. While speed is primarily a natural gift, like any other facet of your game, hard-work and dedication can help you make the most of what you have and push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

The Reel Baseball Experience Speed & Agility program emphasizes fast-twitch muscle training and sport-specific excercises designed to simulate what you ask your body to do during a game.

The Reel Baseball Experience staff uses a unique combination of both speed and strength cross-training aimed at increasing acceleration, quickness and explosion through fast-twitch muscle firing.

Speed is one of the five tools of a great baseball player but is often overlooked in practice. Dedicating the time to improving every aspect of your game will get you to your goal of being the best player you can be. Speed & Agility training will help get you there faster!

Training is available at $45.00 per session!

Contact Joe Natterman at (502) 494-2431!

**This camp is independently owned and operated. The camp rents Indiana University facilities to run the camp, but it is not a program of Indiana University and is not operated under the supervision of the Indiana University Southeast athletic department.**