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Summer Tournament Series Rules and Regulations

Print Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Tournament Entry & Fee:  Cost can be found on our website under Tournament Series Link.  Payment MUST be received 5 days prior to the start of the tournament.

Register Online:  Tournaments tab, and select the registration button for the tournament you are wanting to register for.
Checks need to be made payable to: The Reel Baseball Experience LLC
Checks need to be mailed to: Benjamin Reel, 8322 Heather Ct., Charlestown, IN 47111

Roster: When coaches turn in their insurance before the start of the tournament they must present an official roster. This roster will include all players with a MAXIMUM of 15 players (13u, 14u, 15u) and 20 players (16u,17u,18u). The roster will include player’s full name, height, weight, and birth date. Also accompanying the roster a coach must have a copy of player’s original birth certificate on file with him to present to the tournament director if a discrepancy arises. These certificates do not have to be originals, they can be photo copies. If a player is not on the roster or does not have a birth certificate he is NOT allowed to participate in the tournament. No exceptions. If this happens you will be disqualified from the tournament immediately.
Birth Date Rule: Any player who before May 1 reaches their 14th birthday shall not be able to participate in a 13 and Under tournament held by The Reel Baseball Experience. Any player who before May 1 reaches their 15th birthday shall not be able to participate in a 14 and Under tournament held by The Reel Baseball Experience. Any player who before May 1 reaches their 16th birthday shall not be able to participate in a 15 and Under tournament held by The Reel Baseball Experience
Uniforms: A team must look A LIKE. Pants and shirts MUST match. If a player is wearing a jersey with a name on the back of the jersey it MUST be the correct name of the player. (For instance if Bobby is playing in this tournament with your team, and he is a new guy, 1. He must be on the roster 2. He must have a matching uniform, 3. And the uniform he is in either will have no name or number on the back, or just a number on the back, or HIS name and number on the back. He cannot be wearing a jersey that says a different name of the player wearing the uniform.) We will clarify this rule at the coaches meeting.

Mandatory Coach’s Meeting: Each attending coach must meet with the tournament director before their team is permitted on the field. This meeting will take place at the concession stand as each team arrives before their first game of the tournament. This is to make sure all information has been collected such as team insurance, official roster and payment. All ground rules and rules of the tournament will be discussed and explained. Once again this meeting is mandatory and each head coach will need to provide proof of insurance and rosters for their team at this time.

Admission: Admission to our tournaments for spectators is free. We do not charge a gate fee or charge for parking. ABSOLUTELY NO COOLERS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PROPERTY OR INSIDE FACILITY . Injury ice and water coolers will be provided in each dugout for the teams.

Schedule: Schedules are produced to each Head Coach attending scheduled event via email on the Monday prior to the weekend's scheduled event . It is very important that we stay on schedule so that everyone can get their games completed and the tourney completed in a timely manner. Obviously serious weather issues can arise and we have lights and a full field tarp to help keep the tournament progressing as scheduled. Also some tournaments may require a team to play three games in one day on a special occasion. Teams that refuse to do so will forfeit the game and possibly be disqualified from the tournament.

Batting Cages: We have one batting cage and three tee areas down our left field line that all teams are welcome to use. The home team will be able to hit first and they will have the hitting area 1 1/2 hours before their game time and the visitors will have the hitting area 1 hour before the game. So each team will get thirty minutes to hit in the cage area. (ie Game time is at 10 am. Home team hits in the cage area at 8:30-9:00 and visitors hit from 9:00-9:30.) 

Warm up (infield): No team will be able to take infield.

Baseballs: Each team is required to bring their own game balls. We DO NOT supply baseballs for the tournaments. Before each game each team is to present the umpire with two game balls and after the game they will be returned to you.
Foul Balls: Both teams are responsible for retrieving foul balls and the announcer will encourage the spectators to return all foul balls to the playing field.
Safety: Please keep all players inside the dugouts. If a pitcher is warming up in the bullpen a protector must be present wearing a batting helmet. All base coaches that are players must have a helmet on as well.
Weather: In case of inclement weather, a team may be faced with playing more than 2 games in one day. Please prepare accordingly. Lightning delay will be 30 minutes from last seen strike of lightning. In case of rain please be prepared to help pull our full infield tarp. Please do not wear any type of metal cleats when doing so.
Refund Policy: There are no refunds, there will only be a tournament credit issued.
Courtesy: Please encourage your fans and your players to pick up trash in the dugouts and in the stands and throw it away in the proper areas with trash receptacles.
Concession stand: Concession stand will be available each day of the tournament. There will also be T-Shirts available for purchase at the concession stand area.
Parking: Parking is available at the Koetter Sports Complex on the south side of Hausfeldt lane next to the softball field. Additional parking is on campus.
Results: An updated bracket will be displayed on each side of the press box. It will have updated standings of the tournament and pool play.
Sportsmanship: Your Coaches, Players and Fans are responsible for their conduct and behavior. Please show courtesy to all officials and workers. This will ensure an atmosphere conducive for everyoyment.

**This camp is independently owned and operated. The camp rents Indiana University facilities to run the camp, but it is not a program of Indiana University and is not operated under the supervision of the Indiana University Southeast athletic department.**