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Summer Tournament Series Game Rules

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Time Limit:  1 hour and 45 minute time limit (inning must be completed if the home team is losing.)

Run Rule:

  • 15 runs after the 3rd inning
  • 10 runs after the 4th inning
  • 8 runs after the 5th inning

These are in place to keep the tournament running on schedule
Ties:  No game will end in a tie.

Pitchers Innings:  We will play by a rolling 7 rule, which means a pitcher cannot pitch more than 7 innings in consecutive games.  There is no total inning limit for the weekend.  PLEASE USE DISCRETION!

1 pitch thrown to a batter constitutes an inning pitched.  When a pitcher enters or starts a game or enters from the bullpen, he is given 8 pitches to warm up. Between innings a pitcher is given 6 warm up pitches. This ensures the game is moving along on time.

Courtesy Runners:  The pitcher and the catcher can be ran for by players who are not currently in the game or the last recorded out.  This helps speed up the game in between innings.

Batting lineup and substitutions:  All tournaments use basic high school rules (i.e. Re-entry) although we do allow teams to bat entire roster or use DH and EH. If you chose to bat your entire roster and someone leaves the game due to an injury, you will take an out next time that player comes to bat.

*To stay on schedule, we ask that coaches have their post game meetings with players out of the dugout and out of the field of play after the game is over. After the conclusion of the game please remove all equipment and trash from dugout immediately to make room for the next team coming in to play.

Home and Visitors:  The tournament director will have a blind draw for the opening round pool play games to decide who will play each other and who will be home and visitor.  Home team will ALWAYS occupy the 3rd base dugout.  As play moves on you will alternate as home and visitor and if there are two teams competing that have both been the home team the previous game a coin flip will determine who is home or away.

Ejections:  Any player that is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct or a malicious play is not allowed to participate for the duration of the tournament.  Rule ejections will be handled accordingly.

**This camp is independently owned and operated. The camp rents Indiana University facilities to run the camp, but it is not a program of Indiana University and is not operated under the supervision of the Indiana University Southeast athletic department.**