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Reel Baseball Experience
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College Consultations and College Placement

The Reel Baseball Experience offers personal college consultations for student-athletes looking to take their game to the next level.

Our staff will advise athletes and parents on how to handle the recruiting and college selection process.

Every member of our staff has experienced the recruiting process first-hand on both sides of the spectrum - as players and college coaches.

Our goal is to provide YOU, the prospective student athlete, with the knowledge and understanding as well as the best possible game plan for YOU to find the perfect school to meet your athletic and academic needs.

Basic Package: $100.00

  • Application and Admission Process
  • Recruiting Rules and Regulations
  • Athletic Eligibility Requirements
  • Academic Advising
  • Question & Answer

Premium Package: $225.00

  • Basic Package
  • Talent Evaluation
  • Evaluation Sheet with Coach Verification
  • Recruiting DVD
  • Develop a List of Target Schools
  • Mock Coach's Interview
  • Mock Campus Tour

**This camp is independently owned and operated. The camp rents Indiana University facilities to run the camp, but it is not a program of Indiana University and is not operated under the supervision of the Indiana University Southeast athletic department.**